This kind of filling machine is widely used in liquor, rice wine, beverage, condiment, liquid medicine and other liquid, which is widely used in non - gas, and has a large volume range.

Main features are:

1.the machine adopts the cup type quantitative filling valve, precision casting to ensure the filling precision is high.

2.filling the liquid along the bottle wall down, effective control of the filling liquid caused by the impact of the bubble, to prevent the liquid spill.

3.the machine frequency conversion speed, filling speed, equipped with overload protection device, card bottle stop, boot soft start, the use of flexible bottle holder device, reduce the bottle damage.

4.and the filling volume adjustment by synchronous electric stepless adjustment, addition and subtraction with adjustable amount of button is pressed, can adjust volume filling, digital display shows instant filling volume accurately, and provided with manual fine tuning of the system, so that more accurate filling capacity.

5.the machine is filled with a large range, filling volume can be adjusted in 125-750 ml. (out of range can be made to order)

6.suitable for a wide range of bottles, can be adjusted between 150-350 mm. (out of range can be made to order)

7.the main seal by the import of silica gel, the main parts of the food hygiene standards in accordance with the 304 stainless steel.

8.18, 24 and above filling machine is equipped with adjustable into the bottle, so that the bottle into the bottle more smoothly.

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